Anyone want old BRB paper newsletters?

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Anyone want old BRB paper newsletters?

Post by tfjtolson » Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:28 pm

Fellow BRBers,

I have a four inch high stack of old Blue Ridge Beemer paper newsletters, dating from December 1986 through December 2000.
As far as I know they're complete. There are a few months missing here and there, which may be random ones that got discarded or times when no newsletter was sent, not sure which anymore.

Anyway, I wonder if there's a better home for them than in my attic?

Anyone interested in being (or already is) the BRB archivist and historian?
If so, get in touch. Thanks.
Tim F.J. Tolson
1974 BMW R75/6 and 2005 BMW R1200RT

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