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Sunday 11/02/14 Breakfast Turnout

Posted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:50 pm
by MrClean
Six showed up for breakfast this morning to partake of food, hot coffee, and commirodery. Five rode bikes and one came in a cage. Two newcomers, Frank Prochaska and David Ashby, were joined by Robert Rizzo, Troy Nicks, Joe Schroers, and Bob Weber. It was a bit nippy; Frank commented how he regretted not getting heated grips installed by the dealer when he purchased his bike, his fingers were numb by the time he got to Kathy's. Robert made some excuses for three of his bikes being lame so he could drive in a warm car. Several spoke of their favorite rallies and it was suggested that they be noted on the BRB Forum for all to share. Hope to see you all at the next breakfast gathering.