Lack of Riders at Sunday Breakfast

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Lack of Riders at Sunday Breakfast

Post by turbobob » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:57 pm

I'm sitting here wondering: Why aren't there more people that show up for Sunday Breakfast?
Is it:

1. Not enough notice?
2. Not the right Day?
3. Not the right "diner"?
4. Too busy in general?
5. Gave up motorcycles? Good God, I hope not!
6. People (me) too boring(other)?
7. Moved away?
8. Like to ride by myself.
9. New girlfriend/wife/S.O.? (I know, its a very Grand Feeling, isn't it? but she does need a break every so often.)
10. Too many "honeydos"? (c'mon!! you need a little "recreation" every now & then.)
11. Internet/TV/gaming/soap opera/reality shows more interesting?
12. Kids activities?
13. Passed away?
14. Aliens took over your body?
15. Ride routes do not hold your interest?
16. New baby?
17. Church activities?
18. Too old? (can you drive? or someone can drive you? we'd still like to see you.)
19. Joined another club?
20. Took up another Hobby?
21. Riding Harley's - Cruiser bikes - Other Iron - you are still welcome to come out & ride.
22. Do we need a Saturday Breakfast/Lunch ride? (I'm all for it and will start posting them - 3rd Saturday of the Month.)

Please post a reply - I'm very interested for the reason(s) and am not out to judge anyone, just very curious as to the reason(s) why there is a lack of riders. There are a few other fellows that are also wondering why. There was a time when I'd see over a dozen Souls show up for Sunday Breakfast on a regular basis.

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Re: Lack of Riders at Sunday Breakfast

Post by J.D. » Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:13 pm

Reason # 7. Moved to Columbus, OH four years ago. I'll catch a breakfast this spring with all of you when Anton does my annual inspection.
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Re: Lack of Riders at Sunday Breakfast

Post by Troy Nicks » Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:43 am

Maybe a variation on "too busy" and/or it just fell off the radar screen that first Sunday was coming up. I should put it on my Blackberry....
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Re: Lack of Riders at Sunday Breakfast

Post by tfjtolson » Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:13 pm

Combination of busy (being on the outer edge of over-committed) and church activities.
Implementing a plan to shed some civic and church responsibilities in combination with practice
saying "No, I'm sorry, I really can't help with ..."
The year is still young and the hope to make more 1st Sunday rides still burns.
Anton's description of their Jan. 8 ride was inspiring.

Thanks for asking.
Tim F.J. Tolson
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