My First BMW

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My First BMW

Post by Bmwlover89 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:47 pm

Hello all, i'm a new member to this site and would like to share some information about my 1988 BMW K75s.

Where to start? Well I grew up around BMW motorcycles my whole life because my dad owned a BMW motorcycle shop in New Canaan Connecticut called "Linder Cycles". Has anyone heard of it? It is no longer in business which makes me sad :cry: . Ok on about my bike, so In April of this year, I was searching on MAX bmw motorcycles website seeing if there were any nice used bikes I might like. Found this beautiful three owner K75s that just called out to me. So I sent the link to my dad because he knows way more about the bikes than I do (He has a 1990 K75s and 1986 R80). The very next day he called me to tell me that he went to the dealership and paid for the bike. I was shocked because who knew he was going to get me a motorcycle (by the way, my mom hates motorcycles). When the bike got to his house (I moved to VA, and he is still in CT), he was looking over the records and was shocked to see that he sold that same bike on the day I was born, March 25th, 1989. He knew this bike was meant to be with me. It's pretty neat to own a bike which my dad put together when it was shipped brand new to his shop in 1988 and sold when I was born. The bike will be in Fredericksburg sometime next week or so. Can't wait to ride her again :D She has 36,765 miles

Well thats the story of my 1988 BMW K75s

I also own a 1971 Honda CB100 which I got in 4th grade
1988 BMW K75s

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