Chuck on the cover of Aerostich

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Chuck on the cover of Aerostich

Post by Pfestus1 » Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:21 pm

Last fall I sent a picture into Aerostich. The pic was from a ride that myself, my Brother, Ed Pfister, Ed Simpson, and Chuck Aukerman did thru West Virginia in 2007. The photo was taken by Ed Pfister and shows 3 GS riders in similar Aerostich Roadcrafters, striking similar pose. Chuck is the first in line, Ed Simpson is second, and I'm at the rear. We are stopped on the little bridge at the bottom of the New River Gorge under the new New River Gorge Bridge. Ed Pfister who was not wearing an Aerostich, took the picture. Here is the photo:


The photo is on the cover of the latest Aerostich catalog that came in the mail recently. Its in the left lower corner. Check it out.
Hank Pfister
Copper Hill, VA

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