Fallen rider in Earlysville

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Fallen rider in Earlysville

Post by tfjtolson » Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:58 pm

Yesterday on Earlysville Road a long time rider, track day racer and very good friend to Bee Johnson was killed on his way back to work by a drunk driver. His name is Dan Neumeister, 31 years old, a wine maker at Sugarleaf Vineyards in North Garden and assistant winemaker at Whitehall vineyards, recently married, was coming back from having lunch with his wife who just got back into town from a trip.
The emergency response was:

Daily Progress had a short piece on it. http://bit.ly/9oMqFf

Bee wanted to get the word out about Dan and how he was one of the safest and road conscious riders out there. The press said "alcohol was involved" and the web sites lit up about how it must have been the rider. Turns out the driver of the car was blind stinking drunk, went off the road, over corrected, crossed the road hit some trees and went right into Dan.

Bee wanted us to help spread the word that Dan was a great guy and a great rider that doesn't deserve the negative stereotypes about bikes and how the car driver was at fault, not Dan.

The next bike night in Charlottesville (http://cvillesportbikes.freeforums.org/), they're going to hold a moment for Dan and anyone that knows him can tell us more about him.

Thought I'd help spread the word. I didn't know Dan and don' t know if anyone on this list knew him. My deepest condolences and sympathy for his wife and friends.
Being taken out by a cage driver over correcting and crossing into me is something I think about
every time I see someone approaching and too close to the road's edge. Clearly they stopped teaching in driver's ed how to handle running off the road a long time ago.

Rest in Peace, Dan - May all the roads be clear and curvy, the sun on your back, and sorrow and pain no more.
Tim F.J. Tolson
1974 BMW R75/6 and 2005 BMW R1200RT

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Re: Fallen rider in Earlysville

Post by XILAR8 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:34 pm

Another senseless tragedy. Thanks for posting, Tim.

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